On a summer morning, 11 June 1975, a baby boy was born in Ahuja family in a small city called Yamuna Nagar in Haryana, India. He was nameless for a week, until his parents nally decided to call him ‘Sanjay’. And so my life story begins….

I was born and brought up in small town and my education till graduation is from the same city. When I grown up, then just like birds I flew away to explore new places. I belong to a family with education background so I love exploring and learning new technologies.

My life story is very simple. I started my career with Advance Micro Devices Pvt. Ltd. as an embedded design engineer, then got a chance to work with several organizations in Smart Products, Industrial IoT, Travel, Manufacturing domains. I love travelling and as a part of my job I visited several countries (United States, Hongkong, Japan, Singapore, The NetherLands, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand etc.).

I have worked with various organisations and enjoyed working with a passion on digital transformation. Since 2016, I am working with Accenture Services as Vice President, Digital in the domain of Industry X.0, which comprises of Industrial IoT, Manufacturing, Smart Products.

I got married to Pooja in year 2002, and we are enjoying a blissful married life since then. We are blessed with two kids – Aayush and Ahana. Aayush is quiet boy and Ahana talks a lot like a chirping bird to make a balance.